Annual Home Check and Maintenance Plan

Great for vacation rental owners,  new homeowners and local residents!
We will go to your property Bi-monthly and perform routine maintenance as needed 6 times per year to save you time and heartache!
Examples of what we do during your maintenance visit include the following:
Check and Replace Forced Air Heater Filters
Re-caulk around bath tubs and sinks as needed
Clean out rain gutters (single story only)
Change batteries in smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors
Clean out dryer vent and lint box
Snow removal
Change and replace light bulbs
Check for water and gas leaks
Check for pest infestations
Check for property damage
Check and address WiFi camera issues
Repair running/leaking toilets and sinks to save water
Chimney Sweep Service
Firewood Bundle Delivery 
Pressure washing decks, walkways and driveways
Lubricate garage door opener tracks 
Change bulb in garage door opener if needed
Repair or replace any door locks as needed
An exterior and interior visual inspection will be performed at your property prior to the first maintenance visit to obtain a list of items needing attention. Cost of repair materials is not included in annual plan fee. 10% will be added to cost of repair materials and we will invoice you when your maintenance is complete. Payment is due at time of service.
Annual Pricing for 6 Visits :
1 - 2000 Sq. Feet : $799 plus tax
2001 - 4000 Sq. feet : $899 plus tax
4001 - 6000 Sq. feet : $999 plus tax
Pricing is per year. Maintenance Plan is intended for 6 visits per year of service • Payment is due as a single installment on the day of contract. • All Major Repairs will be performed at cost of trade plus 10%. Price to be determined and agreed on in writing before day of service. • Any Services not included in the BBCC Home Maintenance Plan will NOT be performed without written consent. • All cost of materials to be used (paints, filters, pads, batteries, caulk, light bulbs, weather stripping, plumbing parts, etc.) is not included in this maintenance agreement. Parts will be billed at cost plus 10%. All visits are done weather permitting and property must be accessible by vehicle and foot. Contract must be signed before first visit.

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