About Us

Owner/Operators - Brian and Bridgett Butler

Our family has owned and rented properties in beautiful Big Bear Lake since the early 1960's and we currently reside in Big Bear City. We are a local service business that keeps watch over unoccupied properties (recreational and private homes) via random inspections so owners have peace of mind knowing their property is secure and in good condition. We also offer a rental cleaning service, a Quick Trip service for any issues that arise while a rental client is staying at your home, i.e. TV not working, heater on/off, water on/off, local errands and also real estate agent assist errands.

Why use Big Bear Cabin Check?

When you don't need a "property management" company but you do need someone to clean your rental or private home, perform random security checks as well as rental client assist and snow removal. We are a licensed and insured "boots on the ground" company. Having us checking your property will ensure you are notified of any issues without delay and proper steps can be taken immediately to address them.  Exterior and interior damage to your investment property can be very costly, especially if it is left undetected for long periods of time. We look for damage from falling tree limbs or wildlife, doors and windows that are broken, left open or unlocked by previous occupants, pest infestations, water leaks, trespassers and more. We will notify the owner immediately should we witness any suspicious activity at your property! We also offer house cleaning, handyman, yard cleanup and snow removal services so please don't hesitate to call for information!

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